Friday, February 26, 2010
I had a teenager, she was about 13, tell me she was trying to have a baby. I was floored! I mean at 13 why would one want a baby?

I remember when I was 13 and a baby was the LAST thing on my mind.
Why is it that teens want babies?

Do they want the poop filled diapers and the sleepless nights and daytime trips to the hospital. While doing all this, they still Have to remain in school, and have to figure out a way to pay for this mouth to feed?

Where would a 13 year old come up with the resources to pay for a baby. If my daughter were like a cat life would be so much easier. (even though she does sometimes act like an animal.... see picture!)

But children are not animals, no matter how much you think they are. They are human beings with minds, and behaviors and tantrums, and happiness.

A child IS a blessing to someone who is old enough to see it, and has all their schooling under their belts.
I'm not saying that teen mothers are bad people. They are not. I am saying that wanting a child at the age of 13 is sad, and kind of wrong.

Around the age of 16 our hormones start kicking in and we start to crave sex and things of that nature, but to have a baby that early, is emotionally draining for a lot of teens.

Parents need to talk with their kids, and explain what having a child really is. A child isn't a handbag or shirt, and once you have one, there is no going back.
I also disagree and hate it when parents shun their kids or disown them for becoming pregnant in their teen years. This is disgraceful! When your child needs you the most, you let them down?

I dunno, I just think that we moms need to stop glorifying to kids what motherhood is about. I love my daughter! BUT I would not want to have had her in my teens. She was born when I was 20. I had so many people tell me that I was too young, and that I would regret it. I don't, but If I had been pregnant before that, I might have. I think it is wrong to make children feel unwanted. A lot of teen mothers resent having a child so soon in life.


Catrina said...

For anyone reading this, Please don't take offense to this, this is based off of the 13 year old family member I had talk to me about this. I was saddened and scared for her.

Woman Uncensored said...

I hate that I was technically a "teen mom" (almost 20), and worse yet, looked about 15 or 16. People who didnt know me and saw me assumed I was like one of "those" girls.

As for "glorifying" motherhood, I guess not. But we shouldn't portray it as a nightmare either. Just let a child see that motherhood is wonderful and unique, but at the same time requires things of a person that only mature people are capable of accomplishing in a way that does justice to the precious child who deserves it.

Anonymous said...

I was a teen mom, at 17. I would not suggest it to anyone!lol I didn't want a baby, I just wasn't educated. I think a lot of teenage girls want a baby because it's something that will love them unconditionally...get them a dog! I know there are a lot of bad teen moms out there, and there are a lot of good ones, same with adults! Everyone just needs to be educated and don't give up on your kids if they do get pregnant, it's a long lonely time when it feels like no one loves you!

Catrina said...

By Glorifying motherhood, I only mean that I think kids often assume motherhood is perfect. We all know it's not but when you're a child looking for unconditional love, as one commenter said, they want what a baby can give them, even though most kids do NOT understand what parenting is all about.

I don't believe motherhood to be a nightmare, but I do believe it could be for someone not mature enough (old enough) to understand the responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Age does not equal maturity. I have an aunt who didn't get her first (and only) kid until she was 40. I'm not sure she was ready then. I know several people who are of age to have kids, but not of the maturity level. I was a teen mom (18 when I gave birth) and got lots of nasty looks. I looked like I was 14 (16 at most), but acted much older. Still act older than I am, or so I'm told. But, teens and adults alike, should be educated before they make any decision. Especially ones relating to kids.

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