Friday, February 19, 2010
I love blogging. More people should really blog. The purpose of a blog is, in theory, informative. In my case, it is to inform you of my opinion, and elicit a response.
We don't have to agree, but a good adult conversation is sometimes required for a person to maintain sanity.
So, the title of this blog is "Blogging" so I suppose I should say more about that.
Blogging isn't structured, especially a personal blog. Many people use a blog to relay information about family, or cool stuff they see or hear. Other people use a blog to pass along humorous stories, pictures, or otherwise entertaining subjects.
There are political blogs, technological blogs, parenting blogs and the list could go on for hours. Before I put you to sleep, we'll just say this, If you want an opinion, if you want a say, start a blog. Fan base comes slowly, however, personal satisfaction is almost instantaneous.
Don't hide who you are, don't hide your views, share them with the world. You have a right, and a duty, to be yourself... Do it, have a voice! It's a bout time that people took initiative and set themselves out there.
People don't have to agree with you, heck, if we all agreed all the time, this world would be PATHETIC... Strap on your boots, grow a backbone and blog:)


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