Saturday, February 27, 2010
Ok, I don't usually do book reviews, but, this book is simply funny and amazing!

Babyhood by Paul Reiser

If you haven't read it, you should!

Ok, it's about a dad who goes from, before birth to birth, to fatherhood.
Honestly, I am horrible at reviews, bare with me.

A friend of mine gave me this book, because I love to read. Simple enough.

I expected something along the lines of the usual parenting book, with the "do this" and "do that" sort of thing... That was where I was wrong!

I'm sorry, I got off track, I do that, it's like Oh shiny... That happens when someone is IMing you when you're trying to think! (I'm being told a mom's job isn't a real job!)

ANYWAY so, back to babyhood, the guy is a comedian anyway, and in print, they're not usually as funny.
Well, I spent a good portion of the book laughing! It's a humorous view at what a dad goes through, feels, and thinks during "Babyhood".
This book reflects what he feels, and what he feels his son is thinking, during those moments when we all wish we knew what our kid was thinking.
The book describes some of his interactions with other parents, or parents to be.
I would really recomend you read it! I wish I were better at telling you about it!

Oh, hey, brilliant idea, I just looked up a more professional review of the book from
Reiser shares insights into a host of subjects that one doesn't necessarily consider when approaching parenthood. For instance, while attending a barbecue party, he finds himself discussing body parts and body functions not usually tossed around with strangers. "I certainly understand in theory that if you're going through an event as universal and wondrous as childbirth, and especially if you're having difficulties, there is benefit in sharing. But the reality is I ... I don't feel like discussing my genitalia with anybody." Reiser's enthusiasm for his subject is apparent, which makes for a humorous foray into the magical world of Babyhood.
If only I had the magic of words that these people do, then I would be famous! Yeay, anyway, here's another one:
This review is from: Babyhood
Paul Reiser wrote his own blurb on the inside of the book jacket for Parenthood, comparing his book with other parenting books. Other parenting books may tell you how to have a happy and healthy pregnancy, how to care for a newborn, and may give you first aid information you could use in an emergency, he says. In his book, though, you get to read about how tired he is plus there are some entertaining anecdotes about baby waste.The book itself is painfully funny, perfectly capturing the sleepless nights and bewilderment of new parenthood. In the chapter called "Things to Worry About" Reiser lists all the myriad worries that come along when you bring a new baby home, for example that you could make him wave to someone who doesn't wave back, thus traumatizing him for life. In the chapter "I've Never Been This Tired, Ever" Reiser states that he'd do twenty years of diaper changes if you could guarantee him a solid eight hours of sleep a night for those twenty years. Not only do these phenomena have an effect on you as a parent, but also as a member of a couple, and Reiser perfectly describes the decimation a baby can wreak on a heretofore healthy relationship.
I read this book when my first child was two months old and literally laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks. I re-read it recently now that my oldest is 2 and I have another infant, and I find it just as apt. If you're a parent, don't miss it.

There are more reviews, but who cares right? Seriously, this is an awesome book! 


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