Sunday, February 21, 2010
Oh the days of boredom are gone. I have finally come to the understanding, and yes, acceptance that I am In fact, a Geek.

While this term may seem derogatory or whatever, ask any geek and they will proudly tell you what they are.

We already know that society finds the need to label everything. I am a mother with severe ADHD etc. I mean really, why not give yourself one final classification that really sets it out there as to your interests. It's much easier than explaining.
I love the internet, and reading and blogging and playing computer games. I just get into that stuff.
Only to have it said "Oh you're a geek?"
Yes I am.
Now when someone asks me what I like to do I say: "Well, I am a geek..." I usually get an Ok, and the conversation either continues or moves along to someone else.

Being a geek is fun, for me, cause I get to do everything I love. So, I'm here to tell you, I am embracing my inner geek.


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