Friday, February 19, 2010
Our public schools are FAILING our children. Don't sugar coat it, don't fool yourselves, Schools are a breeding ground for hate and problems!

Schools and Society blame parents for problems with kids, etc... Yeah, parents need to get off their butts and perhaps, TAKE AN INTEREST IN THEIR KIDS LIVES!
Schools, need to start changing too! Stop pitting kids against each other! Stop encouraging hate and cliques, and start encouraging kids to take an interest in each other.

Life is not about money. Sadly, the world revolves around the evil paper and metal, but people have forgotten to CARE...
You're NOTHING if you don't have money. People shun you, and look down on you if you tell them you don't have a dime to your name.

People are willing to sell their souls for money. People KILL for money.

ANYWAY, that's not what this was meant to be, a money rant deserves an entry all it's own.

No child left behind, the idea is a good one, but it's not being followed through with.

My daughter is 3 years old. She is expected to know the alphabet, the numbers etc. BEFORE kindergarten. WHAT IS KINDERGARTEN FOR?

My daughter is a very smart little girl who loves to learn, I have NO problem with that, but, why can't we concentrate THIS time on things that schools don't do any more... Music, nature, science and art.

Memorizing something isn't learning it. You remember it, but you don't KNOW it. All these kids are doing now is memorizing letters and numbers, not learning about them.

There are so many other issues that this may require more posts on the subject... Am I the only one who wants change?


Anonymous said...

This is why we are planning on homeschooling our two little ones. Our teenagers grades are crazy ridiculous and he isn't learning any of the things my husband and I did in school. They teach to pass test nowadays not to actually learn anything. No wonder the high schools students are BORED, they have no reason to become passionate about any subject.

Catrina said...

I agree with you so much! Please stay tuned for future articles:) I intend to expand on this:)

Wyoming Mom said...

I homeschool (ages 11, 4 and 9 months) and I despise the whole teach kids to take a test format. For us homeschooling has given us the freedom to teach what is important to us and our values.

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