Sunday, February 28, 2010
I am trying (and probably going to fail) to maintain composure and professionalism for this blog.
My Spanking rant was probably NOTHING compare to how I feel right now!
I am so extremely angry I almost do not know what to say!

Ok, First, let me share with you my reasons for my anger:

"No Greater Joy Ministries"

Sounds innocent enough right? Well, it's not!

First of all, when I read things like this it makes me want to injure the person who wrote it! Ironic I know, considering I HATE violence and would never actually strike someone. I hate that I am drawn to the basic instinct of protecting my own, even from reading a stupid article from a really stupid website! I digress, I am calm (calm-ish, not exactly screaming serenity here!)

First, I really need someone to answer me this question... This does not come from ANY bible I have read, but this No Greater Joy Ministries quotes it as such:
"Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell (Proverbs 23:13-14)."
If this TRULY says this in the bible, I don't know that it's a Book that I want to read! I am extremely troubled by this statement, and actually very hurt and disappointed!
"Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him (Proverbs 22:15)."
I am pathetic, I am sitting here trying to find my Bible.
The question is, "If I am in a position where I cannot use the rod, am I already doomed to failure, or is there still hope? Can children be trained without use of the rod?" Absolutely. But they cannot be absolutely trained. Proper application of the rod is indispensable to communicating the divine principle of retributive justice, but any child, military man, employee, the neighbor’s kid, your dog, cat, or the birds in your yard can be trained through manipulating their relationship to their environment.
What kind of God would want to induce harm into a human being especially a CHILD! Seriously, how can one say that a child cannot be fully "trained" (another word I hate when used as a parenting term) without a good beating?
If you are seeking to avoid the rod because you are an emotional coward or you are a product of contemporary philosophy, then not obeying God in this matter should not be considered an option. The Word of God teaches us the best method of child training, and proper use of the rod is a part of that program. Furthermore, if you abstain from use of the rod because you believe there is a better way, then you have revealed a fundamental flaw in your thinking that will leave a giant hole in any method you adopt. In other words, a person who understands the value and principle of the rod, but is somehow prevented from using it, will carry those valuable principles over into rodless training and so reap some of the benefits. Whereas the person that does not believe in use of the rod is so flawed in his understanding of human nature and life in general that no technique will be entirely effective for him.
Well, if they put it like that, let me dig out the biggest stick I can find... NOT!!!
I am censoring my vulgar language here, forgive me, words will not come out as I desire.
I am so shocked that I am speechless! Doesn't happen often, but when someone or something is telling us that child abuse is the only way, the Right way, and honestly believes it, I am shocked!

I gotta find that Bible, I know I have one around here somewhere! I am a Christian, but I don't go to church, ok so I will burn in Hell or whatever, but I do NOT believe that God will punish me for not beating the daylights out of the person I love most! Hell, one would think that the "Loving" God would praise me for my restraint for the times I do want to throttle my child!

The more I read this page the more I want to SCREAM!!!!!
One woman writes to them in regards to her three year old screaming:
It is average, but not normal. She will grow out of the screaming, but it will be replaced by equally ugly adult responses to not getting her way.    It is an easy habit to break. When she starts screaming, before you find out who is at fault, without saying a word, go straight to the switch. Spank her where she stands, and then inquire concerning the problem. Explain to her that the screaming will never again be allowed. When she is convinced that screaming will never get the other children in trouble, never gain her any sympathy, but only get her a spanking, she will stop her screaming.
I don't know how much more I can read. I know, I know I should just click the little x button. I am sitting here in my living room saying the most horrible words to a web page... My daughter is at my Mother In Laws, so that's probably a good thing!
Ok, I hit the x button, before I drive myself to a brain aneurysm, I need to say this.
Hug your children closer today, please, hold them tight, tell them that you love them and mean it! I beg you, do not use God as an excuse to beat a child! Please!


bluejeanwifey said...

if you want to argue this battle(which i think you should, for yourself and your readers) i suggest popping out the Bible and looking it up then referencing it with the hebrew version online if you can(i havent done it myself) the rod of correction in hebrew is NOT a switch. its a staff used to guide sheep. if you do not correct and guide children's behavior yes you will spoil them. THATS the way i take all that stuff. they didnt hit their sheep. i will link something in a moment from one of my links that may help explain it.

bluejeanwifey said...

this whole site has some nice things

Catrina said...

VERY GOOD POINT! You are correct, the Rod of correction is NOT used in violence! It is used in redirection!
Good find!

Anonymous said...

It does not say those words, someone has interpreted and CHANGED the meaning...that's true about the Hebrew meaning of the "rod", also I think of it (rod) as an actual something to hold on to(like on a swinging bridge)

Pandora114 said...

yup. Rod of correction was used to nudge sheep that were moving out of the flock. not to beat the piss out of them >.>

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