Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Ok, first let me say this is my OWN personal opinion, I am not saying in any way that someone else is not entitled to their opinion, but I am posting my OWN opinion. I cannot guarantee this will be all cutesy and lacking accusations. Having said that here it is:

Ok first thing, I think that forcing a child to lay in bed screaming and crying for any longer than 10 minutes is just cruel and unusual. When my daughter was an infant (under age one) my doctor told me that it is harmful to a child to let them cry without at least letting them know that you ARE there. Yes, children need to learn proper sleep habits, but they can learn this without being or feeling abandoned.

I'm not a radical attachment parenting person, however I feel that a mom has a certain responsibility to her child. To protect and help. Teaching your child is more than just when they get old enough to speak, teaching your child starts at birth.

These quotes right here bothers me:
"It's OK if you need to cry because crying will actually help you fall asleep faster."

"It's really important for the door to stay closed (locked) all night long in order to keep you safe.  I'll open it at breakfast time."

Thankfully I am not the only one severely troubled by these two comments this comment was posted at the bottom on the page:

Lots of good comment BUT…
crying doesn’t help a child fall asleep faster - it helps them to go to bed upset, which in turn will cause more night waking.  If they are ignored then they learn not to cry not b/c they are good sleepers but b/c they know their needs will be ignored.  If my husband ignored me when I was upset I’m sure our relationship would suffer why would it be any different for children?
Also why would i need to lock my child in their room to keep them safe?  If my child needs me they should be able to come out of bed and find me.  If you want them to not wander the house without waking you up or want to know where they are then a baby gate enclosing the bedroom area at night or close their doors after they are asleep. Their room should be a safe place not a prison. 
No matter how people try to portray parenting it is a 24 hour job, not one that ends when your child goes to sleep.  I believe that what is easiest for parents is usually not the best for the child.
By Debi on November 4, 2009

I cannot believe that some people LOCK THEIR KIDS IN AT NIGHT!!! We shut Cailyn's door, but she asks us too LOL, and we live in an apartment so it is a small space and shutting the door keeps noise out. We use a baby monitor, (even though we can hear her without it) if she hollers or needs us, we go in.
She can open the door too.

I am also concerned with this, I know that children potty train on their own schedule, but read this:

Preschool 'by-laws' are gradually evolving, thank goodness.  Some are still very strict but most are reasonable.  If your child has a thin pull-up on for some weeks most teachers will turn a blind eye.  I'm not suggesting you lie about how complete the toilet training job is, but I do suggest you be...vague in your answer.  "It is coming along very well, though I will send her in a pull-up at first just to save you any time or trouble."

I think this is silly. Number one kids are being sent to school really early on in their lives now. Number 2 parents should never lie or be vague about something like this. Being potty trained is required for a few reasons that I am sure most don't think about. Bodily fluids being passed around, say if the child leaks through, through out the class can be very dangerous. Most diseases are spread easily this way. Also, being potty trained helps protect teachers from accusations. Being potty trained takes stress off of the teachers as well.


Woman Uncensored said...

This woman makes my blood boil. She talks all sweetly about Dr Sears and bashes him in the same breath. She calls AP a cult, but claims to be good friends with "AP Canada".

I dont even know how some of her advice is LEGAL. I know of a couple that nearly had their kids taken away because they lock them in their room for a couple hours at a time. That is bad enough, but Kitty recommends TWELVE hours, WTF?! And no night feedings once baby is 12 pounds! I can only imagine how many cases of failure to thrive there could be because of her. Some babies are 12 pounds LONG before they are anywhere near being able to go so long without food.

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