Saturday, February 20, 2010
I'm fairly computer literate, but when it comes to setting up a .com apparently I am completely useless.

One would think that purchasing a .com would include it being fairly easy to navigate and understand what to do. Well, I suppose in theory, it is. In reality, my experience has been nothing and I mean NOTHING short of frustrating.

I suppose that most people who buy a web domain know what they're doing, but it's very much a possibility that someone like ME, might be buying one for my business. Perhaps setting it up could be a LITTLE bit simpler.

I'm not asking them to make it for me, that's half the fun. Perhaps they could have it so that it's ready to be able to type and not all this mumbo-jumbo that I have NO clue how to do.

Call me stupid, but perhaps, maybe they would sell MORE domains and .com sites if they made it somewhat user friendly?


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