Saturday, February 20, 2010
It's so funny, out of nowhere say something extraordinary like Cheesy Pickles, or Toilet Paper.
If you really know the person, you can say something like a dirty joke, or if you're not into dirty jokes, just make someone laugh.
It's really fun. My 3 year old is easy to make laugh... Well, I should rephrase that, she's a PROFESSIONAL at making me laugh.

Like tonight, she was getting ready to go to bed. I hear through the monitor,
Mommy, I'm just warning you, If I don't get up and go pee right now, I am going to pee in my pants. I just don't want you to be mad.
How to respond to that?!? Well, I took her to use the "potty" and of course, she didn't have to go, this is quite common here and her way of stalling.

We were in the store the other day.
Mommy, I want to look at toys. Before you say no, hear me out. I like toys, and I'm not asking for anything, but I really wanna look very bad.

There are other times, like when she knows I'm "Mad" at her that she'll make fun of me and make me laugh. There are times that she just makes me laugh for the fun of it. I enjoy making others laugh, I guess I'm not surprised that she enjoys that as well.


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