Saturday, February 20, 2010
Well, this crisp cold February air... Wait, let me check that. Yes, it IS February but, the air is not cold, it's warm... Why is it warm?

Oh well, who cares, it's warm, it's welcome. So, I thought VERY heavily, for about 10 seconds, about going outside to enjoy the weather. Quickly, the excuses flowed. Quite frankly, I didn't want to get off my lazy butt and get dressed and leave the apartment.

Yes, the apartment. That alone should be reason enough to want to get outside and just have a good day. I had a realization though. I don't really like being outside, especially in the city. I mean in the country there is peace and quiet. You don't have to listen to the car horns, sirens and regular city noises. In the country you smell nothing. Well, you smell flowers and stuff like that, but you don't get the smog or pollution, at least not as badly.

The mosquitoes are the real kicker. I live in Maine so around springtime the mosquitoes and black flies really hit. They come, and take layers of skin off of your body. You are left deformed with little bumps and lumps for weeks.

Ok, so I DO like the outdoors, but if I could change anything about it I would change those things. I enjoyed relaxing today. It was a nice change.


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