Sunday, February 21, 2010
Public Schools are letting our kids down! Yes, I have said this before, and I'm sure there are people out there who don't agree with me. That's good for you. Public schools become a breeding ground for hate and bullying. Teachers are not paid according to classroom size, and what they put up with. Quite frankly, I think a lot of the teachers out there just don't give a damn about the kids anymore.

Well, I recently found out that my 3 year old daughter, needs to go to preschool before she can go to kindergarten?!? I thought kindergarten was the starting place for kids. She is supposed to know her alphabet, her numbers, colors and shapes. Now, I don't mind her learning early, but my question is this:

When did public schools change so dramatically that kids need to know everything that they're supposed to learn, before school?
What are teachers doing? Why are we teaching to test, not teaching to learn?

Intelligence in children is measured by how they test. Now, I don't know about you, but I suck at tests. So to me, it is unfair to judge me under pressure. Not just the fact intelligence being measured by tests, teachers "fail" children for doing less than adequate work. Sadly, it could be that the teacher is just not getting through to the student.

Kids are learning not to care about school. That right there is where we need to stop and say "WAIT".
When I took my college classes for preschool educational teacher, the main goal was to reach everyone. Not everyone learns in the same fashion. School is required, but why at age 5 are we getting kids ready for the workforce?

Teachers are NOT accommodating all learning styles! This is an injustice to OUR children. Now, we cannot blame the teachers alone. This is a nationwide dilemma that NO ONE IS ADDRESSING!

Doctors complain of weight and body issues, but don't you think that schools are encouraging kids to sit on their butts all day long, listening to long lectures and testing? Get them up, get them moving, not just in gym class! This sitting down stuff, doesn't stop when they leave, no, they are then forced to do incredible amounts of homework at home.

Isn't it enough that schools keep our kids from us 8 hours a day for more than 12 years? Can't we have them at home?

Parents cannot connect to children that they do not have!

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Woman Uncensored said...

I absolutely agree with your sentiments.

I really believe that your lil one can learn all the things she "needs" to know before kindgergarten, without having to go to preschool.

We didn't do ANYTHING special with Brooklyn to try and "make" her learn her letters, numbers, etc. It has all been just playing with her, reading with her, answering her questions, and showing her the things that she ASKS to learn. Before she even started pre-school, they "tested" her and determined her to be at a first grade level. So much for preschool and kindergarten being "necessary"!!! She learned it all just by BEING A KID, with parents who show her what she wants to know. Your kiddo is bright, and I don't think she will have any trouble learning those things. It is usually just natural for them to LOVE learning and to be interested in expanding their minds. If her personal interests dont happen to align with what the school "requires" that she knows, you can just help her out by encouraging her to learn those things in a fun and natural, no-pressure way.

Jenelle said...

So on top of all that you've mentioned, they push children at a speed not always suited for young children (thankfully we were 'in line' since dd started reading earlier *insert eye roll*) but can't keep them well protected during recess.

We started homeschooling in September after learning about an incident where my child was sexually badgered by a fellow first grade boy. I was never told about the incident by the school and they tried to cover it up. So not only is the school insisting all children are equal (screw the kids with different learning styles or disabilities), they can't even protect the children they have in their schools!!! AND this was the best public school in the area of our state, we specifically moved to a higher cost of living area to get into these schools.

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