Saturday, February 20, 2010
OH, breaking the ice in any new relationship is always the hardest.
It's always hardest to know what to say to someone you don't know. Well, I have taken this to a new level. Mostly online, but when I meet new people, I randomly interject words like banana, apple, poop or stink butt.

Sadly, my husband came up with the phrase "Stink Butt". We enjoy random name calling, usually not meant to hurt either party, but to get a good rise out of the listener.
Stink butt was experimented with today among the online community.

The results of this were actually typical of most. "Oh... kay... Moving on" As I sigh at the inability to take a joke, or even perhaps admit that someone saying "Stink butt" out of no where, with no instigation, is in fact, if nothing else, Slightly amusing.

Now, I'm not going to say this is hysterical, or something you should run out to your future pal want to Be's and say, but online, the reactions are usually different. I will continue this experiment further.

I did hear a funny statement not too long ago that is as follows:
A pick up line from one teenager to another. "Are you wearing Pokemon underwear, cause I want to peek at you" (If you don't know Pokemon, Pikachu is the little electric Pokemon that is the "star" of the show)

Another one, this one caught me off guard and left me wondering who the poor sap would marry with a line like this:
"Were your parents retarded 'cause you sure are special"
I am speechless as to what to say on that one... If it were used on me, I would probably kick the guy in the nuts in hopes that he would never breed again.


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