Sunday, February 28, 2010
Do you agree with abuse? Do you like it when children get hit when they have misbehaved?

I doubt it, I am making these bracelets and necklaces in an effort to remind parents, when times are tough, that it is never ok to hit a child!

If you become tempted, just remind yourself why you bought the bracelet! You don't want to hurt your child, or have your child fear you! You are a loving, caring parent! Make a promise to yourself and to your family now, that you will never hit!

You want love! Pink and Blue for boys and girls and red for Love!


This is a great gift for a new mom or dad, and a helpful reminder that Parenting is love!

If you are interested in another bracelet, or other colors, 
Please contact me at
I can make most any colored bracelet you choose, 
Make it have meaning for you:)

Please allow time for me to make them, as they are hand done with love!


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