Monday, February 22, 2010
If you like games, online game, Role Playing games, etc You will love Evony is an intense RPG where the battles are vicious and the friends are real.

Evony is an online game, browser based, needing no download. This is great for many reasons, no need to use up computer space, though I probably would anyway. I, personally, love this game.

In the game you will get a "Lord Name" I am known as clawzy and I am located on so if you join, look me up. You start out with a basic town. You build it yourself, which is the main object of attraction for me. You build everything from cottages to barracks (which is where the fun comes in). In the beginning building and training times are somewhat slow. But if you can wait it out, you will have a large army and be ready to battle in no time.

Beginners are given 1 week to build, attack free. This is called "Beginner Protection". In that time you have the opportunity to join an alliance. I recommend joining an alliance as it offers you advice, and protection once the 7 days is up.

You start with a plethora of free items including beginner packages and other items that give you a jump start. This game is easily played by anyone who has no experience with this type of game. The "Quest" menu sets you up with what you need to work towards and once completed you get rewards.

As you grow, and become higher rank you obtain the ability to conquer or build more cities. At the current time, you can build up to 10 cities! Each day you are awarded an "Amulet" as a daily quest. This is a neat object that once activated, spins a wheel and you randomly receive a cool item.

The chat interface is perhaps the only frustrating thing I have come across. Alliance chats and Whisper's are free, talking in world chat costs "speakers". You start out and earn several speakers, but it can be limiting at times. On a positive note about the required speakers, it limits people who are trying to spam or annoy others.

Evony IS free, but like most online games, there is a shop. If you want to spend money, or if you win money, you can buy several items from a very extensive shop.

Evony offers a community forum free of charge. You can go in and discuss the game, ask questions and even report any problems or glitches.
I had a problem, a while back, that a purchase I had made did not go through. Evony did a great job of fixing the error and compensated the players that experienced the delay.

You can play Evony without being in an alliance as well. The Player Versus Player aspect of this game is my favorite part. War, in the online world, and peace is what draws me in.
Being part of an alliance allows other members to send you supplies if you need them, and allows you to get reinforcements if you are under attack.

If you enjoy gaming, or are looking for something to do online. I urge you to try Evony. I believe it is a game anyone can play, and I believe it is a game that most will enjoy!


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