Sunday, February 21, 2010
Currently, I'm deciding what I want to rant about today. I have several things I want to rant about, but I need to organize myself so that they are not all one big rant that jumbles together and comes out "Blah Blah Blah"

I have my notebook here, and honestly, I'm drawing a complete blank. Making the decision to rant about ONE THING... It's mind blowing!

Sometimes I decide that Ranting, just isn't worth it. Other times I decide to rant just so I can get thoughts out of my head.

Writing does that for me. Thoughts go into words, on paper, and then magically, well almost magically, they disappear out of my pea brain. Depending on the subject matter, they stay gone. Then the funny part is, trying to remember what I was thinking.

Perhaps I will decide to rant about public schools. They piss me off and it's a great way to get that frustration out.
Ok, Stay tuned, the public school, pissed off rant, is coming soon.


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