Thursday, February 18, 2010
Have you ever felt like no one was listening? Have you ever just wanted to be heard?
It really does not matter if anyone agrees with your opinions or not, sometimes just being heard is the key to one's own sanity.

To be normal is boring. Why would one want to stay in the lines of acceptable and politically correct when having your say, being outside the box is so much better. Society demands of us the desire to fit in. Those of us who do not care whether they "fit in" or not are then shunned from the social ladder. Sometimes to the point of inability to gain employment, or "friends".

When you choose friends, what kinds of people do you choose? I choose people who are willing to say "You're wrong and this is why"
I also choose people who choose to love me no matter what.

People make life a huge competition, who can do "this" better and who can do "that" better? WHO CARES? Why can't we all excel at things WE love and not try and do what everyone else likes, for no other reason than to "fit in".

Dig down deep. Find out who YOU are. Don't do things because others tell you to, do things because YOU want too! Love yourself, and everyone else will either love you or not, if not, it's their loss!


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