Saturday, March 13, 2010
I had someone ask me what is Un-Schooling, and I really couldn't give them an answer. So, like I do every time I do not know the answer to something (if I am at all interested in the question) I decided to look it up.

I have wanted to know about un-schooling for quite some time now. What is it? Is it an option for me and my family? Why do parents Un-school instead of Homeschooling or choosing public school?

Unschooling refers to a range of educational philosophies and practices centered on allowing children to learn through their natural life experiences, including child directed play, game play, household responsibilities, and social interaction, rather than through the confines of a conventional school. Exploration of activities is often led by the children themselves, facilitated by the adults. Unschooling differs from conventional schooling principally in the thesis that standard curricula and conventional grading methods, as well as other features of traditional schooling, are counterproductive to the goal of maximizing the education of each child.
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In English, it means, children learn through doing. The idea is thought that school is not the place for children to grow and learn properly. Now, school is not wrong for all children, not all schools anyway, but some children, most children, learn best by doing things, seeing things and feeling things.

Each state's laws vary as far as what is required for the children and parents to do to be successful in their un-schooling.
Here are a couple of links with examples of curriculum and more information:


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