Saturday, March 6, 2010
When I was growing up I imagined myself as a mother. I imagined what I would do differently than my mom, and other moms and dads that I knew.
I always thought that I would be completely different. I wanted to make things different for my daughter.
I always imagined that my daughter would be the perfect little angel.
I wouldn't have any holloring, I wouldn't ever have to yell at her.
I wouldn't have to make her cry. I would have the perfect angel.

Then I had my daughter. I love that little girl. I did however, have those "dreams" unfairly smashed.
I don't regret having my daughter, and I don't regret those "dreams" but I did learn that I will know what to prepare my daughter for when she gets older.

Kids aren't perfect, and I think I prefer things the way they are now!


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