Sunday, March 7, 2010
Ok, so I have to ask, this is a rather dumb question I guess, but WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD?

Parents, usually being known as loving, kind, generous, caring people are resorting more and more to physical violence.

I guess some of us are blind to the injustice that happens to kids now a days but there's something that needs to be done, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

I used to get annoyed in high school, a lot of my class mates falsely claimed child abuse and found it funny. Most of them did this as a result of not getting their way, or just because they were idiots and didn't understand what abuse really was.

I look now, and all over the internet, and papers, are parents who are just plain stupid! If you want to see some examples, check out
If you don't want to look, I completely understand! Please do know this though, We can help children keep this from happening by encouraging education among parents.

I think the one that pissed me off the MOST was this one:
Mad Admitted Torturing Infant

The baby was taken to Leesburg Regional Medical Center by her mother who told medical staff that the baby was continuously crying. X-rays taken at the hospital showed that baby had multiple rib fractures that were in various stages of healing. Young told the hospital staff that he had caused the injuries.

Deputies from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office then spoke to Young who told them that he had squeezed the baby girl’s chest with both his hands wrapped around her chest two to three times a week for approximately one month. Investigators say Young also told them he bent the infant’s fingers backwards as well as bending her wrist downward until she cried. Young says he also would pinch or squeeze the infant’s toes, fingers, or knees to make her cry. Young told deputies that he did these things to the infant because she would not sleep and noticed that when he did it she would go to sleep.

Young also told investigators that he would push his hand down on her stomach so she would have a bowel movement.

He went on to tell detectives that he knew he was hurting the baby and need to stop but was afraid to tell because doing so would make him out to be a “monster” who could hurt a child.

Forgive me while I step away to VOMIT!

A two month old baby! I cannot even begin to imagine, nor describe to you what I am feeling right now!
There are several others that are really messing with my head right now. Honestly, I don't know why I DO read this stuff. It's not really educational, nor does it help me in any way.
Hell, to be honest with you, after reading about the severe beatings and spankings from other websites, I've had severe nightmares, and flashbacks to things in my past. (Not from my parents)

I wish this world were a better place for my daughter. I'm really not sure what to say right now other than dear Lord save us all from this insanity!


Beth said...

I just cannot wrap my tiny little brain around why people abuse children, especially their own. It's sad to say the least. We need to stand up for our babies and protect them any way we can.

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