Sunday, July 26, 2009
Overcoming the nay-Sayers and obstacles is the most difficult task.
It is obvious that no writer can make everyone happy. This is the beautiful thing about writing.
Writing is one person's desire to satisfy their soul and initiate conversation or just get thoughts and feelings into writing.
Writing certain thing will inevitably anger some. There is nothing that anyone can do.
I will not change my views or opinions for any one person.
I write what I know and what I believe. I write from my heart. I know this is more than some authors do.
I do not write for money. If I did, well, I would not be writing.
In fact, I write because I have a passion and a desire to be heard. Even if I am not being heard, I am releasing my soul of a burden.
To have so many thoughts running through my head, is almost maddening. Writing releases my mind of these topics.
Simply put, I love to write, and I am glad to share my voice with those willing to read and listen.


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