Saturday, July 25, 2009
As I work hard to become what I have dreamed of my whole life, A writer, I encounter many challenges.
This is, of course, to be expected. As they say, anything worth doing, takes a lot of work, a lot of failures and a lot of disappointments. I am not discouraged.
I am very excited to announce I was published on Associated Content. You can find me here.
As of today I have six published pieces and one in processing. I am enjoying the challenge of learning the correct techniques, the preferred writing content, and researching for my topics.
I have come to understand that this is not going to get me rich, but rich is really a mind state. Rich does not have to be about money. So I ask, am I happy? Yes, I am!
I am doing something I really love. I am writing about my life, my experiences, and my passions.
I don't expect to be the next lead reporter in my local newspaper (they already said no) but I do know that if I continue to work hard and put myself and my hard work out there for everyone to see, someone will find me and tell me they like me.
Realistically there are thousands, if not millions of writers online trying to do the very same thing that I am. If I do not get noticed, that is okay. I know that I have done a great thing, I went for what I wanted, and I am going to fight for it.


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