Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm sitting here, having a tea party with my beautiful daughter and I am wondering, What is it on this earth that allows me to finally feel peace.

I mean literally, I feel peace. I'm half concerned that there is some major fallout from this wonderful serene moment.

Recently I published a piece on Associated Content that I needed to say. The title is I died at 12.

It is a story of my life from when I was younger. A good friend of mine inspired me to write this out. It was hard. Many tears were shed. Overall I believe that these tears needed to be shed for me to heal. I don't want pity, but for others to understand me.

I've had many encouraging, loving comments from those who were there, and from new friends. I feel that it might be beneficial to me to write the rest out. To write the hardest parts. I know my true friends and family will always love me, and maybe this will help me heal and become a better person.

If interested please read the article at I Died at 12.

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